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From how we grow to how we eat and live, PURE Agro imagines a new, better future.

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The World’s Largest Hydroponic Retailer

With the changing landscape in America, we are confronted with many issues including water conservation, new agricultural models such as vertical farming, and DIY entrepreneurs looking for new, more efficient and sustainable models. Hydroponics will be a requirement for many of these opportunities because of its ability to scale from small, local gardens to large farming operations. Legislation and cultural perspectives have already made great strides turning the tide towards hydroponics. Many believe we’re at a watershed, tipping-point moment in the history of the industry.

PURE Agrobusiness, Inc. (“PureAgro”) is a holding company devoted to the organic growth of our existing divisions, including retail and wholesale, and to the acquisition, consolidation and integration of best-of-breed hydroponic retail stores throughout the country. We provide turn-key solutions for large crop growth projects to a variety of general merchandise items for the small hobbyist, at great prices in conveniently located and professionally staffed stores throughout Colorado and California.

Rick Byrd

Chairman & CEO

In addition to his distinguished, award-winning career in construction, Mr. Byrd is an expert in all facets of hydroponic growing. Having designed dozens of state-of-the-art, indoor grow facilities over the past 20 years, he has deep relationships in and a keen understanding of the hydroponics industry. In 2009, Mr. Byrd was selected over the biggest home builders in the country to win “Custom Home Builder of the Year” by Green Homebuilder. Mr. Byrd was also the first in the country to build a custom LEED Platinum Certified Home. In addition, Mr. Byrd is a member of the East Los Angeles College Architectural Department Advisory Board. A keynote speaker at Kohler Corporation and DuPont Corporation, Mr. Byrd was featured as a leader in the industry in Daimler Chrysler's annual report.

Jim Blaha

President & COO

Mr. Blaha has over 35 years of experience leading and managing domestic and international businesses of varying sizes; from venture backed startups to multinational corporations. With an eye on creating value, his expertise in integrating people, process and technology, his career spans the globe providing strategic support to companies like ExxonMobil, British Gas, TOTAL, ENI-AGIP, Saudi Aramco, KAPSARC, Petronas, Lukoil and MOL as well as various government agencies in the US, Europe, Middle East, Russia and Africa. Mr. Blaha holds degrees in Biological Sciences, Accounting, Finance and International Business. Mr. Blaha’s professional experience includes: President of Way to Grow, Inc. overseeing profitable growth of over $50,000,000 in revenue, Vice President of Business Development at IHS Global, Inc., and Founder and CEO of Datria Systems, Inc.

The Way to Grow Story

One of the first in Colorado, Way to Grow has risen from pioneer to the largest and most successful retailer in the highly competitive Colorado region.

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CropSupply is a wholesale operation, selling directly and exclusively to large commercial growers delivering significant order volumes.

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With locations in Downtown Los Angeles and Orange County, Green Door has become one of Southern California’s top hydro shops.

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PURE is interested in adding experienced, high-integrity individuals to its team. We are also looking to acquire existing best-in-class retail operations, and add state-of-the art technologies and products.